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Karen Dumoulin (°1991) graduated in 2014 from the Sint-Lucas University in Ghent, with a Master's degree in Textile Design. The following years, Karen worked as an artist’s assistant and completed internships for several fashion studios.

The growing urge to work with textiles became the motive to pursue her own path as a designer.

The label Karen Dumoulin was established in 2019. 

Karen works and lives in Brussels. In her studio, she creates clothes with a focus on soberness, detail, colour and texture. Every design leads to another design. 

Rather than creating with seasonal collections in mind, Karen’s combinations originate from continuity in the design process. 


Karen consciously chooses to produce only a limited number of every created piece, to enhance its unique and individual character. 

With a focus on sustainability, she makes use of surplus and waste materials. The pieces are durable and carefully made to be worn often. 

On her travels, Karen observes her surroundings with textiles in mind. Combinations of colours and perceived textures stimulate her in an ongoing search for new designs and sensations. 

Sensory impressions contribute to an evolution in the distinct choice of colour and the ardent use of material.

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